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reisterstown is a small town with many different types of people. We have the stuck up glyndon kids,the rich(jewish) kids,the hicks,trashy kids,and the ghetto kids.

Mostly everyone that lives in Reisterstown goes to Franklin High. Everybody knows everybody and your personal life is everyone elses buisness.

The attractions of Reisterstown include Mitchell's Golf, AMC theature, Owingsmills Mall, The cow, and thats basically it. An iceskating rink is being built right now.

Besides the private schools our closest towns where more friends are located and go to school is at, Owingsmills and Pikesville.

In highschool the things to do on the weekend include late night taco bell, blaze, drink, and have sex. Our mall sucks and so does our movie theature. If you want to go to a decent mall, that would be towson, and for movies; hunt valley.

We have many gangs here. You can always find a party or a fight every weekend. Our parties always get busted by the cops and its not a surprise to hear that somebody that you know got into a drunk driving accident.

Everyone wants to get out and go somewhere new. We all have to go threw it together. College is basically the only way out of Reisterstown.

The best food that you dont find anywhere else is custard at the cow, sandwiches at santonis, and pizza and subs at village pizza.

We might all say we hate Reisterstown but we don't mean it. Some of us were born here and this is our home. This town isnt the greatest but its our home and thats where we are growing up, and living our life.

Welcome to Reisterstown!
girl-ugh im so bored there is nothing to do
girl2-well duh we're in reisterstown
by erinnn123 January 04, 2008

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