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when a man sits on your face bare-assed with his nutsack in your mouth and his asshole directly over the nose while farting. usually used as a prank; to be moaned.
"omg what smells? ahhh! im being moaned! get the fuck off my face you fat motherfucker!"
by erin brooke December 14, 2007
a sexual act; when one uses their hands to karate chop a womans abnormally large labia from side to side for pleasure. usually performed during foreplay.
"leah had the saggiest twat. i was gonna go down on her but then i just decided to stick with the judo proscuitto."
by erin brooke December 14, 2007
one who obeys the law at all times, a goodie-two-shoes.
"janice won't smoke bud, she is such a fuzz sucker!"
by erin brooke December 14, 2007
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