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Used especially in ims when the conversation has come to an end. ex.
ImPerson1: wats up?
ImPerson2: nm u?
ImPerson1: nm
ImPerson2: Yuppers
Haley: Today was so fun!
Erin: Yuppers. We should do this again.
by Erin February 21, 2004
the years after college when your parents stop telling you how to live you life - and stop financing it.
my friend says she hates her job and is broke, but she's just having a quarter life crisis.
by Erin May 13, 2004
A complete moronic retard.
Cassy and Jordan are complete metards.
by Erin September 27, 2003
someone whose compassion for all living beings even includes the folk who felt it was okay to malign veganism with slanderous and incorrect definitions. to practice veganism is to avoid to whatever degree possible all products which are made from flesh or contain animal by-products with the exception of those shared between humans with mutual consent ( human breastmilk for example). most vegans also choose to buy organic foods manufactured by environmentally and socially responsible companies. to be vegan also means to embrace a lifestyle of compassion and non-violence. many people confuse strict vegetarianism, which is only dietary, with true veganism which encompasses all facets of a lifestyle and includes living your life with sense of the interconnectedness between all people, animals and our environment.
After reading John Robbins book " Diet For A New America" and educating herself about the detrimental impact animal agriculture has on not only the lives of animals but also our oceans, lakes, rainforests, topsoil, air quality and the health of human beings, Lisa made the very altruistic and gutsy decision to become a vegan.
by erin June 09, 2004
a type of Carvel ice cream cake
It's my birthday, I want to eat a cookie puss!
by Erin May 07, 2004
Definition: If anything can skrew you over, it will.
ex, my computer shut off a moment before I saved all my work.
by Erin August 29, 2004
a type of Carvel ice cream cake
It's my birthday, I want to eat a cookie puss!!
by Erin May 07, 2004
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