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The cafeteria at UW-La Crosse that serves gross food and from which people like to steal rondom things like chairs, silverware, and trays.
After eating at Shitney, I imediatly had to hurry back to my dorm where I had explosive diareah from the gut-rot. Guess I shouldn't have eaten today's special...
by Erin August 14, 2003
Both of them.
"Damn, I couldn't decide which pair of sneakers to get, so I bought bofum."
by Erin April 03, 2003
originates in old gaelic and means "ireland forever"
on st. patrick's day, many irishmen were heard shouting "eringobragh"
by erin June 17, 2006
british slang for destrucive behaviour, usually caused by youths such as stone trowing, petty arson or vandalism or other misdemeanours.
ASBO's were originally meant to prevent yobbish behaviour but have since turned into a UK version if the Patriot Act.
by erin October 29, 2004
anybody with a horse face... not just a woman, you retard
duuuuuh men cant have horse faces durrrr
by erin April 18, 2005
1. a boring or rather uninteresting person

2. typical cornstarch-thickened pudding popular in England

3. A space pastry from the andromeda glaxy who wish to turn all the englishmen into scotts men in order to win wimbleton.
Look, Mr. and Mrs. Brainsample have come on to the court, it appears they intend to eat the blancmanges.
Horray! this is a good day for man ind
by erin November 13, 2004
I don't see why everybody's saying that it's only asians who type with alternating capitals and bad spelling that post there, since I do and I type with almost flawless spelling and grammar and I don't complain about my life or talk about my suicidal tendencies. I use it to get things down on "paper" so I can keep track of my life when it gets too hectic. In any case, my definition of "xanga" is simply an internet based diary that other people (who choose to) can read and comment on. I admit, it is dominated by poser asian 12-year-olds, but there are plenty of people who just use it to express themselves because it's more convenient than a diary or journal. Beleive it or not, some people actually DO care and not everyone there is a preppy asian girl without a life. End of story.
My xanga:

Hello...I think this is a good way to express myself. I also like to keep a wtch on my brother's stupid girlfriend. Habits are hard to break....especially the "..." at all my returns.....oops....
by Erin January 13, 2004
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