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An individual with a developed understanding for the emo world that accepts his duty to human kind by sacrificing his time/energy/efforts to eliminate/beat/torture/cannibalize/harass the plague of the emo. Typically a respected, skillful, talented, eloquent, charismatic, and intelligent protector of evolution. He/she bears the wait of preserving the health of society by violently oppressing the shitstain of the history of humans that is known as "emo/screamo". An emo-hater usually is very dedicated to their work, spending weekends tracking and hunting down emos in order to beat them to a pulp or until the emo is in critical condition. Their rightful and potent hatred for the emo helps them overcome the risk of being sent to jail despite their honoreable contribution to society. Many emo haters reside in the southern-californian northern mexican border, germany, and all through out south america. Mexico is widely known for having emo-killing contests.
"Man you should have been there, on the way to the party we spotted an emo on the sidewalk, John the emo-hater here, promptly volunteered to bump the emo with his car, swiftly fracturing its knees."
by ericol August 28, 2008

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