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1 definition by eric, fatty, jade, langdang

\bro out\v. bro'in out, bro'd out

1. To spend time with one's friends, or "brothers"; the most important aspect is for the activities and location to be relaxing. This activity is not gender or age specific, but usually cannot be applied to spending time with only a significant other, however pets and inanimate objects are fair game.
2. A period of self reflection; relaxation.
1. "what'd you do last weekend?" "You know, smoked some weed, played some scrabble... just bro'd out."
2. "We should totally bro out with some 40s and listen to the new Peter, Björn and John album tonight"
3. "I was just bro'in out last night with a cup of tea and a good book."
by eric, fatty, jade, langdang February 07, 2007