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word meant to mean the same as slut but can be used when the sluts are around!
'who you with?' "some slu" 'word come over' "no doubt"
by erb February 06, 2003
This little known technique occurs when two men of homosexual orientation are lying together in bed. One ejaculates into his hand and rubs it on his erection. He then procedes to savagly penetrate his sleeping partner's unsuspecting anus with strong, malicious strokes.
Bob, in deep slumber, was rudely awoken by sharp pains in his quivering bunghole, and he realized that James had once again slipped him a Goey Goblin.
by Erb September 10, 2005
private word which has the same meaning as 'slut' use this when girls are around. see also 'slu'
yo dog, i got some sluice ready to get biz, whats your deal?
by erb February 06, 2003

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