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2 definitions by erastus25

verb or noun. to insert one finger into the vagina, while simultaneously inserting two into the anus. Optional use of thumb to stimulate clitoris is encouraged. Once fingers are inserted, they are rapidly thrust in and out repeatedly. (similar to the shocker)
as verb: Wow, I stun gunned her. It was fun.
as noun: that was a nasty stun gun you gave her last night.
by erastus25 March 23, 2006
Inserting one finger into the vagina and two into the anus, simultaneously. Then quickly thrusting fingers repeatedly. Thumb use on clitoris is optional. (i.e.: a shocker variation - two in the stink, one in the pink)
I stun gunned that ho last night. It was mad hot.
by erastus25 March 19, 2006