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4 definitions by erOhead

1. Philosophy course required for the IB Diploma program
2. As in TOK Essays
3. Teachers that talk to much teach this course
1. SHIITE I have TOK next block and I don't know wtf all these philosophers did...
2. Hey is that TOK essay due tomorrow? Yeah... FUCK...<6 hours later on turnitin.com>...Your essay is *99%* copied, have a nice night!
3. Ahem
by erOhead July 30, 2003
207 62
Assumed to have been derived from the word destroyed, 'destroid' was first noticed in an engineering document, presumably a typo. It soon took the internets by storm, and claimed its rightful place as a forum colloquialism for the word destroyed.
Guy 1: 'Dude, did you see dual-framed iron cross structure? It got fucking destroid last night.'
Guy 2: 'Hells ya dawg, best believ' it.'
Guy 3: 'What the crap is an iron cross structure?'
by erOhead October 06, 2005
8 7
Adrian Verster lives in a cabin. This is a well known fact. His 'house' as he likes to call it, is really none other than a cabin. To my knowledge, it was one Jonathan Ballin who started this tradition.
Jonathan: Ha, Adrian's house is really a cabin!
Eric: I know.
Adrian: Shut the fuck up.
by erOhead June 28, 2004
30 40
Exclamation used after witnessing or preforming a burn
Person 1: Your mom stinks worse than my gym socks...
by erOhead July 23, 2003
14 25