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1.Proper Noun 2.Adjective
1.Cory is a super sweet and considerate guy. Cory is as they say it "tick" his arms are HUGE and he as Spartan abs. Though somewhat short he more than makes up for his stature with his larger than life personality; however it must be noted that nor everyone gets the opportunity to experience Cory's personality to the fullest as he is somewhat shy. Cory is hilarious and always making people close to him smile. He is the quintessential "nice guy" and has been friend zoned more than once. When a girl is fortunate enough to see Cory for the amazing friend and lover that he is, a beautiful relationship will occur. If you find a Cory hold on to him. Cory love video games esp. Pokemon. He is a dork at heart and unafraid to show it. Love him as he is or don't bother trying, he can't be changed.

2. When used as an adjective (slang), Cory can mean anything from amazing, sweet or sexy. Individuals must use context clues to derive the proper meaning when used in colloquial conversation.
1. I am so lucky to have found Cory H, he's the greatest!

2. Did you see him with his shirt off? SO Cory H!
by erNISHappi November 15, 2011

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