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much like the "manic pixie dream girl" this attractive gay man enters the life a repressed or unhappy gay. He is seen as care-free and fabulous, while maintaining attractive masculine traits. To the unhappy gay he serves as a catalyst for exploring gender beyond heteronormative gender roles, and breaking down repressive sexual mores taught by straight society.

The Manic Faerie Dream Cub is often emotionally attractive to the unhappy gay but eventually de-sexualized by the supportive and nurturing role he takes on.
He is such a Manic Faerie Dream Cub, we spent the night play-wrestling and he taught me to vogue. He made this glittery baseball cap while we figured out my issues with bottoming.
#manic pixie dream cub #manic fairy dream cub #manic pixie dream bear #manic faerie dream bear #manic faery dream cub
by equalitygoddess July 13, 2012
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