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Initialism for the phrase "you'd get it, love" which one uses to communicate to you that one would, in fact, have sexual intercourse with you if the opportunity presented itself. A simpler way of saying "I'd totally f*** you."
Female: "How do I look in this skirt?"

Male: "You'd get it, love."

Female: "Thanks! How would you express that in a text message?"

Male: "YGIL"
by episteme June 26, 2011
When a person in one's everyday environment doesn't seem very attractive at first, but throughout one's interactions with them becomes more and more sex-able.
Cale didn't think the girl in his English class was very attractive upon first sight, but three months later he's wanting dat booty. Sounds like he's suffering from some serious Stockdome Syndrome.
by Episteme April 25, 2013

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