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A beautiful man, you have to admit, but a perfectly normal guy with lots of talent. writes very poetic lyrics. who knows if he means it; they're meaningful though, to some, and other hate it, and yet others try to be emo over it. in multiple bands, one being bright eyes.
"But you but you, you write such pretty words. But life's no storybook! Loves an excuse to get hurt, and to hurt. Do you like to hurt? I do! I do! Then hurt me."
by ephemeral bliss March 11, 2004
a sort of language once used to evade authority, and of people finding out about hackers on search engines, it's a language originally consiting of only numbers and letters. now it's used by assholes who think they're so cool and wannabe's who spend toouch time studying megatokyo.
l337 15 4 n1c3 7h1n9 70 u53, 1n m0d3r4710n.
(leet is a nice thing to use in moderation.)
by ephemeral bliss March 06, 2004

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