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City on the west coast of Florida. Founded in 1876.
Current Population: 248,232, mostly old people.
Across from Tampa. Usually shortened to St. Pete or Da Burg. Gets really hot during the summer and can get down to 37 degrees in the winter, which is deadly cold to its residents.

also, has all the hot babes.
A conversation that happens in Saint Petersburg often:

Jim: Dude, lets go to the beach.
Dave: Which one?
Jim: Well, we could go to Reddington, Clearwater, or Indian Rocks...
Dave: No, man, let's go to saint pete beach.
Jim: you're right, saint pete does have all the hot babes.
Dave: and old people...
by epausti June 26, 2007
n. a definition where one describes something using the same word, but in a different context.

From the popular meme "Sage Advice Ben"
Some examples:
"Brilliance is a sign of brilliance"
"Butt-sex is the butt-sex of sex"

A conversation:

Jim: Dude, don't cry!
Dave: I know, I look weak.
Jim: And as we know, weakness is a sign of weakness.
Dave: Such a Benism. *sob*
by epausti March 15, 2013
a girl who is very good looking to the guy who is currently dating her - but quite ugly when seen by other guys. The guy dating this girl can see one way of the "optical illusion", but other guys see the opposite.

popularized by the collegehumor video of the same name.
A Conversation:

Jim: Dude, your girlfriend is so ugly!

Dave: What do you mean?

Jim: I mean she's not attractive at all.

Dave: F*%^ that man, I think she's gorgeous.

Jim: Whatever, she's an optical illusion.


Dave: I see what you mean, Jim. I can see the other side of it now. She was definitely an optical illusion girlfriend.

Jim: For real.
by epausti February 01, 2011

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