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1 definition by entrodentro

A revitalising afternoon break from work, traditionally taken at four which comprises of a coffee (or alternative beverage, including but not limited to coconut water, frappuccinos and broccoli smoothies), sweetmeats or a chocolate mint ice cream.

Democratic in nature, foursies may be called by any member of a work party and if seconded may be taken at any time after 2:30pm.

The tradition began in the high pressured offices of Horseferry Road, London, and quickly spread to the rest of the capital as a practical means of improving worker retention, satisfaction and efficiency.
Mike: What troubles you Ben? You’re looking low...
Ben: I fear I find myself caught in the dreary malaise of an afternoon lul...
Art: Mayhaps your wistful melancholy be assuaged with a brisk jaunt to yon’ caffeine peddler
Michal: Did I hear someone say foursies?
by entrodentro August 01, 2013