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A school where the students think they aren't snobby but make the assumption that the only people who go to public school do so because they can't afford a "better" education and will only make minimum wage their entire life. CCA is mainly full of MIDDLE-upper class kids who think that everyone is jealous of all their money. However, as the definitions stated most students are on financial aid and don't have as much money as they try to act like. Juicy Couture and Uggs are not high class.

Due to the fact that they are conceited, CCA students fail to realize that most of them are not that smart. Those that are did not get that way from the school - they're naturally intelligent and supplement their shitty education by studying from various outside sources. Very little of what is taught at CCA is useful. I was a top student throughout my eight year stay at CCA, and although I could spout off history about the Mayans, had the map of China memorized, and knew a ton of Latin I didn't know West Virginia was a state until I went to public school. I received a much higher quality education and got a huge reality check when upon transferring realized what a f*cking spoiled brat I was.
Quotes from CCA students' definitions on this site:

"I agree with NoHatingCCA because, you all are just jealous that we can get a better education while all you dumb losers get to go to public school."

"For the people bagging CCA as a bunch of pompous rich A$$holes, I just want to ask that you make my burger nice and cooked through when you work at McDonalds."

"Does it REALLY bother you that we are able to afford Juicy Couture? I mean, come ON. How lame is that? No jealousy... LAME people."

"We might be higher-classed but that's not a reason to hate us."

...... And they truly believe they're not snobby. :3

If you aren't horrified by the above quotes, then you should remain at Cape Cod Academy (CCA). If you are and have considered transferring but are too afraid to be in the public school system although I loved it I would additionally recommend Falmouth Academy (as you may notice their page has no bullshit drama like this one). I have heard great things from students who transferred there and all the students I've met are extremely nice. No snobs at all - imagine that!
by entitledtonothingbutair October 11, 2012

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