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2 definitions by enroiv

Famous opera singer who is neither Pavarotti nor Domingo
ELAINE: Who else is on the show?

JERRY: Uh.. one of the three tenors.

ELAINE: (Interested) The Three Tenors? (Stands up) Which one?!

JERRY: Uh.. It's not Pavarotti.. It's not Domingo..

ELAINE: (Extremely excited) The other guy?!

JERRY: (Nodding) Yeah, the other guy.
by enroiv March 19, 2010
26 6
The act of a nice shower becoming a masturbation session
YOU - Dude, get out of the shower, you've been in there for over half an hour!!
ME - Sorry man, I was bathing but then I started masturbathing
by enroiv December 05, 2010
19 10