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This procedure starts by secereting a form of holy cleansant onto a womans face. This is skeet. You then procede to rip off the nearest available source of pubes and stick them to the cleansed area, aged semen is the prefered glue. After this you must shit on the top of their head to give them a yamaka and anally fist them to ensure they arent hiding any pennies from the rabbi.
That jew loves the rabbi. She must be that transvestite Eli Colman I keep hearing about.
by enormous penis December 08, 2007
Long floppy tities that tend to hang down to the abdominal region. In extreme cases they may cover the pussy complicating the insertion proccess. Often found on the extremely old, the fat, and black people.
That bitch over there has some dog titties, yes shes a black one.
by enormous penis December 08, 2007

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