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8 definitions by english___p

arrogance in the highest degree. the state of firm belief that human science can answer all of life's questions, including the creation of a universe perfect to so many decimal points, life, death and the formation of various religions, which are seen by most atheists as misleading distractions.
Many greedy hypocritical teenagers become 'atheists' because they fail to see the message behind their own faith, usually christianity. Of course, those who are not blind sheep will not turn from the faith nor follow it blindly, but acknowledge that such stories are not intended literally but are to be analysed in terms of an ethical code. Such an ethical code gives way to a near perfect society, in which all are happy and well done by.
The concept of an afterlife is not intended as a binding contract as such, but rather can be viewed as similar to the phrase 'dance like nobody's watching.' Life should be approached with the impression that there is retribution for ones actions, not for the greedy purposes of eternal life but rather for everyone's general comfort so all can live in peace.
Teenage atheism merely removes the eternal life clause so that suicide becomes an option. very selfish.
In fact it takes a very high intellect to be a respectable atheist, much more reasoning than is available to the average teenager who wants to evade church.
atheism is, for many, the 'soft option' so to speak, allowing them to self indulge at other's expense.


Stephen Hawking could probably get away with being atheist.
by english___p October 07, 2006