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10 definitions by eneville

The perchanger is the 'child safe' word for vagina lips. This is often the choice phrase when needing to mention the lower parts of ladies anatomy in front of those who should remain oblivious to the subject matter.
Her: That cream is really burning my perchangers
by eneville September 11, 2011
Commando Pro is one better than commando. If you go commando you go without underwear, to go commando pro you let everyone know by having your flies undone. For maximum effect go for discrete public exposure.
(Whilst walking in Nicholson's Centre):

Wife: Why's that girl giving you a horrid look like she's sucking a lemon?
You: Don't worry, I must have forgotten to do my zip up and you know I'm commando.
Wife: You mean commando pro
by eneville August 08, 2010
The common skin blanket is what's used during the winter months to assist your partner to keep warm whilst both parties are naked. Skin blankets are an excellent way to enjoy winter nights.

It's often best practised immediately before or after making love to ensure maximum warmth for both parties.
Her: Skin blanket
Him: No way, I'm off to work!
Her: Skin BLANKET!
Him: Ok, but I'm off in 2 minutes.
by eneville October 23, 2010