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1 definition by energydealer

Usually a girl who is trying to interfere in a relationship between two of her one-time friends (the male usually being an ex who she is now stalking) by posing to be the female of the two people who are trying to sort out their relationship. If it wasn't for this girl, things would be running much smoother for the couple. The guy must realize that there are mean people out there who are trying to manipulate their relationship. This female wingdonk is going out of her way to cause problems between the two lovers and it is doing their heads in, because it is inevitably causing misunderstandings between the two. And now the female lover is starting to see why there is so much confusion between the guy and herself. This third female is just not giving up. Guy, please try to see what this female is trying to do and know that the girl you truly love would NEVER do anything to hurt you or she would never play with your heart. You have to trust her and know whatever she does is because she cares about you deeply. This Wingdonk seems to have nothing better to do with her time than to ruin other peoples attempts at resolving issues mostly likely because she is jealous or unhappy with her own life. Wingdonks are usually actually very nice people beneath their jealousy, envy and ill-will towards others. Guy, please recognize this because girl would never hurt you.
Wingdonk is a little mean and interfering
by energydealer June 13, 2010