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The largest form of fatass in the known universe, typical traits include eating, shitting, sleeping and eating while shitting. The stench from such a beast is fatal to anyone within a 5 meter radius
Bob:quit being such a colossal fatass and go for a walk
Joe: no can do, i gotta take a shit and eat supper, then sleep
by endlessnameless February 01, 2010
Someone who is ALWAYS on an online social networking or chat community site, they know everyone and all their business
God damn you're always here! do you ever sleep you fucking chat rat?
by endlessnameless February 02, 2010
When a woman is having her time of the month and she feels the need to be a complete bitch to anything she desires, especially you
i've never been bitched at as much as i have tonight, what a fucking rag nag
by endlessnameless February 02, 2010
curly pubic hair around the male genitalia
geez man trim that shit you've got a wooly woody
by endlessnameless February 02, 2010
when a vast amount of semen is projectiled towards your pubic area and left to dry up.
yeah i blew all over her pussy she didn't wipe it up, in the morning she had a crusty crotch
by endlessnameless February 02, 2010

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