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When someone is so perfect looking they look like the after photo of a magazine shoot all the time, like God has airbrushed them before putting them on earth.
You are so beautiful it's like you've been airbrushed by God.
by encino dan December 03, 2008
An activity that is both inappropriate for someone's age, and also very stingy.
"Look at Dan, he's a 30yr old Dentist and yet he smuggles in a hip flask with him to the bar because he's a tightarse. How Jewvenile!"
by encino dan December 13, 2008
A subtle way of alerting your friends to your fart, before other people in the area notice. This gives time to all of your friends to vacate the area with you, leaving some other poor sap to take the blame.
"Hey dude, code brown. Let's evacuate"
by encino dan December 03, 2008

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