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a toilet on wheels. a little room in which to do a 1, 2 OR 3. unloading your bowels or emptying your bladder on a bog with one-ply toilet paper. painfull and smelly. and sorry for you if its runny. EISH WENA(see 'EISH WENA').
no worries about flushing! no one else does it! infact, many of them have had the flushing handle stolen. but some are a little more sofisticated... they have a BUTTON!
emma; man! i really need to take a dump.
aimee; well, theres a PORT-A-LOO over there.
emma; thank goodness for portable tiolets!!! i'm off to do my business...that means a CRAP.
claire; enjoy fattie.
by emza, aimz, pookie November 19, 2005
The abreviation for Urban Dictionary.
Claire: hey Emma, where can i find the meaning of baxana?
Emma: Ur Dic!!
Claire: wow...thanks Emzi, you're the best in the west!
Emma: Yes, my mommy tells me i am...
by emza, aimz, pookie November 21, 2005
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