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Québec is a beautiful province in eastern Canada. It's capital city is Québec City and it's other main cities are Montréal and Gatineau.

Most Québécois are of french descent and speak french, but there are also many other cultures and nationalities here, especially recently QC has been becoming more multicultural.

Although some people believe Quebeckers to be very patriotic and think that we all want to separate from Canada this is not true, many people here love Canada and if it came down to it would rather be Canadian then Québécois. Also, most people in the major cities are biligual and have no problem with speaking english to anglophone people.

Quebeckers use some words that are not present in french from France (called joual) such as "itou" (sometimes used for also/too instead of "aussi")and have an accent that is said to have been the accent of France before they came to Canada (some people in QC say "moé" for "moi", etc)

Québec's drinking age is 18, Quebeckers love to party and are very friendly and welcoming people!
Québécois guy: Le Québec est la meilleure province dans tout le Canada!!!

Other Québécois guy: Moi itou je pense ça!!
by emyyy May 20, 2009
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