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1. A term often used when describing a male teenager, replacing the use of the term 'man whore'.

2. Can be used to express the use of unecessary sarcasm and verbal abuse.

3. A word used to describe a person with 'gangster' and 'wannabee' qualities.
" dat boii got 3 birds yo, he kjoe'in it uff uff "

" raaaaas you see dat?! she got rippped, he kjoe'd dat hoe"
by emrrara January 01, 2010
1. A person with a disturbing instinctive to follow you in public places, e.g shopping centres, churches, changing rooms.

2. An incurable infectious disease of the STI family.

3. Your mum :)
" damnit i be chillin wit ma homies at church yo 'n dis jbird be checkin me out its nasty man , i dodged dat shit init "
by emrrara January 01, 2010

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