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A friend that is a boy, and nothing more. Not to be confused with 'boyfriend'.
John: I like you. Wanna go out?

Jane: Sorry. You're more friendboy material than boyfriend.

John: *slashes wrists*
by emoinpink August 13, 2010
A girl who is a friend, and nothing more. Not to be confused with 'girlfriend'.
Jack: You asked out Jane? What did she say?

John: Bad news. She wants to be my friendgirl, not girlfriend.

Jack: Tough luck, dude.
by emoinpink August 13, 2010
The person you sit next to in a certain class, but never hang out with or talk to outside of that class. Usually only needed because your friends aren't in that class, or because your teacher assigned you seats.

In common usage, the word 'class' is replaced with the class you're referring to, e.g. French, English, Maths.
1. How do you even know that guy?

He's my Math buddy. We work on fractions together.

2. She wasn't my friend, she was my French buddy. Working on irregular verbs does not count as a friendship.

3. He was my class buddy. Not sure what class.
by emoinpink February 23, 2011
The stunted walk you do when your stalling something, for example catching up to someone or getting somewhere. This includes regular stops to retie your shoelace, gaze at the clouds, check your pockets and bag, apply lipgloss and/or send a text.
Great. Can you stall stroll with me?
by emoinpink August 19, 2010
A saying pointing out when a word is a word.

Used sarcastically when someone uses a word that doesn't truly fit the person or situation.

If overused, side effects may occur, like making a person sound overly pessismistic, 'ironic' or emo.
Example 1:

In McDonalds

John: Here's your cheeseburger.

Jake: I hate gherkin.

John: (picks out gherkin)

John: Happy?

Jake: That's a word.

Example 2:

In the snow

Jake: I hate snow.

John: (hands over coat)

John: Warm?

Jake: That's a word.
by emoinpink December 17, 2010

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