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a popped collar town filled with emo and punk rock wannabees. the girls are all stuck up hoes, study all the time. or play lacrosse and have no time for anything that would resemble a life. theres this hot frosh (big phel's sister) and theres this other cute chick in my history class. i dont know her name-possibly a junior. everyones clothes are from the evil a's/hollister or even worse. girls all have designer bags that cost more than my whole closet. you can always overhear someone saying " im not rich!!" when really their next door neighbor is jevon kirsch. even the lenola kids arent poor compared to the "ghetto" of other towns. oh and shut up there is no ghetto in moorestown no matter what you say. everyone is drunk starting friday night and going strong all through sunday. potheads galore as well.
"omg sarah i love love love emoo."
"oh emm gee lexxii, like same hurr!!!"
"oh wait, do you have the kanye west cd?!?!?"
"oh course boo, want me to send it to your itunes through my new hi tech computer i got like yesterday."
"psh no. are you forgetting this is moorestown-# 1 town in the nation..daddy knows kanye from work biotch. ill jus tget it from the rapper himself at daddys next party thingie!"
by emo kid =( October 01, 2005

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