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-someone/something that is gangster and hardxcore at the same time.

-small gang located in ocala, fl.
forrest: damn hoe you're trillxcore!

emma: thanks honey. you're pretty trillxcore yourself.
by emmmmyyyyyyyyyyyy December 01, 2006
a term used between conversing people who have either run out of, or dont know what to say.
B) "oh that sounds like fun."
A) "yeah.."
B "soo.."
by emmmmyyyyyyyyyyyy December 03, 2006
A modern term used to express the need or want of something that one, most commonly a girl used in this manner, cannot get on their own;
therefor needing someone else to get it for them.

female- "hook a sista up wit some green."
by emmmmyyyyyyyyyyyy December 03, 2006

Commonly used as a derogatory insult against a person from, or resident of The Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

FACT:they pronounce 'three' as 'tree'.
FACT:they say "eh" a lot too.

Lower Peninsula of MI Guy; "get the fuck outta my driveway!!"

Uuper Guy; "Eh uh, ya know I was just bring ya a bunt cake, eh?"
by emmmmyyyyyyyyyyyy December 01, 2006

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