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Kankles occur whenever a woman reaches that stage in her life when she can't be fucked to/can't physically move, thus creating mayhem. A kankle is when the calve and the ankle are mixed in a solid treetrunk-esque substance which appears to be pebble-dashed in extreme cases. A common attribute is that of them resembling a kebab roticiary, covered with red paint and pebble dashing. Kankles are normally accompanied by pumps and 'pump fat'. Can occur in men in extreme cases, but have not yet been documented.
'here darzo, check out the kankles on this wanker'
'brought to us in kankle vision'
'another kank in the bank'
'shit, darzo get the camera out, found some fresh kankles'
'granny kankles'
#kank #kankle #granny kankles #punx #kankle vision
by emmett-belfastpunx June 16, 2008
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