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When a girl dips a q-tip in rubbing acohole and shoves it down a guys peehole.
ya man she gave me the mexican fireball
#mexican food #fireworks.fired #on fire #fire off #mexican dog
by emmanuel blackburn October 09, 2006
a person whos apperence is worst then a dog and a goat combined.

someone whos mouth is large with massive teeth and a dog like smell and strutt.
o jeez look at that goatdog over there or, ya that guys a total goatdog.
#doggy #dangler #goat #pig #fish
by emmanuel blackburn October 08, 2006
refering to the private parts of a small asian girl.
mostly the vagina.
wow look at that hot toybox over there.
#box #toy #fish hook #peanut #music box
by emmanuel blackburn October 08, 2006
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