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The ability to convincingly confuse fantasy with actual fact
Fantasy - “I got 'butt naked' with two girls last night”
Fact – “I slept in the same house as two girls last night”
by emma September 07, 2004
like normal rock climbing, buildering takes place in an urban setting on man-made objects such as buildings. usually only practiced by those crazy rock climbers, the point is to spot a very climb-able looking surface and attempt to scale it in sneakers with no other equipment.
"so i was walking around my town today, and the church looked so climbable so i started buildering"
by emma August 22, 2004
to squeeze adoringly, lovingly, and slightly violently, but with intent to "love to death" rather than harm
t smogged m - ouch, mmm !!
by emma December 13, 2003
A person that u dont officially have a "crush" on or "like" but would say yes if they asked u out, and are agreeable to hang out with.
"That guy is my affectee... if he asked me out, I'd TOTALLY say yes!"
by Emma January 01, 2005
a catholic schoolgirlway to say bitch
sister mary, i so did not hit that girl. but she had it coming to her that bizatch
by emma December 07, 2004
The biggest stud to ever walk the planet.
Codey is a complete STUD!
by emma July 21, 2004
A drink made from cordial powder from ration packs. Comes in rasberry, lemon and lime, orange, and mixed berry. Mix 20 packets with half a litre of water for an instant high. For an even bigger high, mix it with coke!can stain ur hands. is half chlorine. penny, boughen and i have bout 50 packets though i think boughen has another 30 to add to our collection. could possibly be spelled jubi juice or maybe even jubey or jubie.
whats she on?
juby juice
by Emma November 16, 2003

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