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A person who needs to go on a fat diet so they can have some meat on their bones, and not look like a world vision ad
I need to go on a fat diet so I can stop being such a skinny widget.

Why does everybody think Cameron Diaz is so hot? She looks like a skinny widget to me.
by Emma November 11, 2003
What John Reuben is doin'.
"Reuben, what is he dippity doin'?"
(It's a song, and John Reu is rippity tarkin'! Look at tarkin' if you wanna find out what John Reu is.)
by Emma August 26, 2003
Scum of the earth, SCUM SCUM SCUM
IRISH no respect for anyone not even them selfs, my little 5 year old cousins made a snow man 5 mins after the snow man was made four pikey men ages between 15 and 45 came into the park and drove up the hill and ran the snow man over, then started throwing snow balls at young children, they thought this was extremly funny. pikeys do something illegal at least every half hour of the day.
by Emma January 29, 2004
a person with multiple identities.
like em, caddis, autistici, bogdan etc.
fredo: "jdg is em!!!! King for sure. And, truly, one of the nicest persons I have encountered. I am endebted in a big way and really touched by how helpful he is being."
by emma December 07, 2004
A laughter-induced spraying of liquid from one's mouth or nose. Food fruptions are called fuiie.
"Lisa? SMART!?" Martha remarked cynically as they neared the giraffe pen. Laughing and choking, Dan frupted orange pop, spraying Martha's shoes. Martha surveyed him with amusement and disgust.
by Emma August 26, 2003
Fictional character who comes from Sweden and is only able to sing one song over and over.
Have you heard Yodel Girl's new song?
by Emma February 15, 2003
A private request for a kiss/kisses on the lips (no tongues) and perhaps a little cuddle too.
"kissywoo? kissyWOO" (delivered in wheedling tone)
by Emma March 11, 2005

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