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127 definitions by emma

Something is burning (cooking) in the kitchen !
You're not cooking ...
Getout .. get the f?%& out!
by Emma December 08, 2003
When something or someone is so fantastic and charismatic it becomes fanchasmic.
Adam Brody (The OC) is so fanchasmic.
by Emma May 05, 2005
a frentence is a french sentence.
"can you give me a few frentences?"

or a anglaitence is a franglais frentence
"Qu'est-ce que ca veut dire?"
"Je me manque de toi"

"qu'est-ce que that mean?"
"je manques you."
"i wish you would femme les bouche!"
by Emma May 05, 2005
Bizandom (v) - Somthing that is both Bizzare and Random
That site was really bizandom!
by Emma April 15, 2005
Orgasmic, or near orgasmic, sensation caused by viewing films, photos, interviews or any other form of media related to or featuring the actor Orlando Bloom.
"I think I just had an Orligasm!"
by Emma February 21, 2005
Scum of the earth, SCUM SCUM SCUM
IRISH no respect for anyone not even them selfs, my little 5 year old cousins made a snow man 5 mins after the snow man was made four pikey men ages between 15 and 45 came into the park and drove up the hill and ran the snow man over, then started throwing snow balls at young children, they thought this was extremly funny. pikeys do something illegal at least every half hour of the day.
by Emma January 29, 2004
A person who needs to go on a fat diet so they can have some meat on their bones, and not look like a world vision ad
I need to go on a fat diet so I can stop being such a skinny widget.

Why does everybody think Cameron Diaz is so hot? She looks like a skinny widget to me.
by Emma November 11, 2003