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It's a reference to Dana Scully in the tv show The X Files. It's when someone tries to use every exuse before the truth, to get out of something, or stick up for somebody or something.
If you get caught cheating on your bf/gf and you try to make up every possible excuse you can think of, your bf/gf might reply: "Don't Scully me."
by Emma April 21, 2005
A term used for almost any town that starts with a "P".
Though I don't know about other p-towns, the one I live in is called that in an attempt to make it seem "ghetto" and not the suburbia it really is.
by emma February 26, 2005
zanf is an experience.
zanf: "im an an experience"
by emma June 30, 2004
Extremely attractive and equally fantastic rugby player who has the ability to play both centre and wing.
Ummmm Ollie is great
by Emma March 28, 2005
the fear/disgust of the penis
i dont like willies because i have penophobia
by emma March 19, 2005
adj. A word made up by Emma one night whilst trying to describe the devastation that is Jen's bedroom.
Her bedroom is so messy, it's like a tornado hit it. We all have our tornadoey moments? or something?
by EMMA November 15, 2004
a thin rubber bracelet that can come in a variety of colors. some people say that these bracelets have "hidden meanings" for middle and high school students, but i'm in 7th grade, and thats totally bull. my friends and i all wear them, and i didnt een hear the "hidden meaning" mentioned at school until today, and that was a joke. so there are no hidden meanings, and people who come up with that stuff really need to find something to do!
they have no meaning, so GET OVER URSELF!!!!!
by emma January 03, 2005

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