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127 definitions by emma

Sad pathetic losers, who think they are Emos just because they made their parents buy them a pair of converses. They buy lots of albums such as Taking Back Sunday's and make sure everybody knows, so that they appear to be and emo and to be included in the scene. however they still buy their clothes from mark one, and were townie jeans and tops and don't understand at all what they are getting into. they think they're really cool, but the people who really are emos think they are sad and generally pity them.
WannabeEmo: Look at me!i'm a emo!

Emo: No your not, so shut up.
by Emma March 27, 2005
a reason to live
listen to em! there so good!
by emma May 06, 2004
Heaven on earth---a place where you are guaranteed a great summer.
Dude---I am so sick of Dallas...I'm ready for CLH
by Emma June 19, 2003
A orange vegatable that are rich in vitamin K (good for your eyes, I think)
and is used as a dildo,
and used to teach naive girls how to give BJs.
Carrots may be good for your eyes, but they have many other uses.
by emma February 26, 2005
Moshers are just really cool people who are slightly nutty and love to have fun. they don't care how stupid they act as long as their having fun. they like to wear baggy clothes and tops, and keep themselves covered up with not to much flesh on show, unlike tarty townies. they also dont brag about which guy they had last night or spread rumors of how bad their last boyfriend was in bed. they are really cool people who express their emotions through clothes and music
Me, im a mosher. I'd rather be a mosher than a townie ANYDAY
by Emma March 19, 2005
1. An individual who has developed skill in a particular sport.
Jeff really knows how to play basketball and tennis; he is a great athlete.
by Emma September 18, 2003
A quiet, wigger-infested town of about 5000 in Lancaster County. Where the most interesting event is the farmshow.

Not Manheim Township, I'm talking about the orginal Manheim. Home of the all-powerful budget-consuming Baron football team.
Kid 1: Yo D00Dz letz go 2 da Oasis n smoke up!
Kid 2: Naw man, dat place iz lyke full of hookerz.
Kid 3: W0rd Z?

Person 1: Hey, want 2 go 2 Eric's prty? It's gonna b crzy!!!
Person 2: D00d, da Farmshow's dis week.

Kid 1: Lyke, where d0 u live?
Kid 2: In da ghetto of Charlotte Street, dawg.

Kid 1: Hey, want to go to the golf game on Saturday?
Kid 2: Screw dat, Baron's go 2 states on Saturday, dawg.
by Emma January 06, 2005