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What the lady of the lake presented to Arthur, King of the Britains.
The who?
The Britains.
Who're the Britains?
You - I - We all are!
And I am your king.
Well I didn't vote for you.
You don't vote for kings
Oh, well I could be king then.
Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no base for a system of government. Let's face it: If I went around saying I was emperor because some broad launched a scimitar at me, they'd cart me away!
by emiolie February 24, 2004
A not-so-foreign language spoken entirely using the letter Y as the first letter of each word.
Very handy for confusing people of lower intelligence.
Yin Yorbish you yeak yith y's. yunderstand? Yry yit yomeyime.
by emiolie February 24, 2004
"A lovely pile of filth."
Excellent for instructing your history students as to what life was REALLY like in the Middle Ages.
And what floats in water?
Baked Gravy!
Very Small Rocks!
by emiolie February 24, 2004
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