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The Chicago Cubs are a baseball team that overshadow the more competent White Sox. Contrary to popular belief the White Sox have about as many real baseball fans as the Cubs, give or take a few. Most of the Cubs fan base is made up of occasional watchers who figure it would be fun to hang at Wrigley for one or two games each season, not true fans. These fans tend to blame their troubles on preposterous curses and/or other fans (ex: the goat and Steve Bartman), and as long as the Cubs are hovering around .500 they think they're going to the World Series. The Cubs also have talented baseball players who are either hurt all the time (Mark Prior/Kerry Wood) or just can't get it together.
Maybe they should build Mark Prior a bionic arm, then the Chicago Cubs might actually make the playoffs for once!
by emilyattacks May 13, 2007

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