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3 definitions by emily dpsxo

how you pronounce "lmao" the text speak version of "laughing my ass off"
LMAYO at last night, sure I do remember pulling the gay pirate.
by emily dpsxo January 31, 2008
5 7
Expression of victory or happiness of the result of a given situation

similar to get in

can be followed by "to the bag of loot"
Rita: I got paid today fancy going out and getting drunk?

Frank : Tuck the bag of loot
by emily dpsxo January 31, 2008
12 19
said when something is funny
lol deriving from text speak for laugh out loud
the weasey coming from ron from harry potter
said in the tune of the ron part of the harry potter puppet show on youtube.
helen: i was sick on myself last night

emily: lol weasley you playa hater
by emily dpsxo January 31, 2008
4 17