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6 definitions by emilave

best friends interjection that is used to end an email in case one of the corresponding parties dies in a car crash in a ditch before the two see each other again.
Okay...I´ll talk to you later...bff!
by emilave January 28, 2003
1144 779
(Archaic interjection) Means "truth" or "tru!"
Verily, you have the book of the holy sacraments? Forsooth!
by Emilave January 15, 2003
79 10
Short for forsooth. See also ro.
You like furnaces? I do too, forsooth!
by Emilave January 15, 2003
10 11
used to tell someone that they don't have a particular thing. see also no lack of * for you.
hey dave, no coolness for you!
by emilave January 15, 2003
9 13
Used to point out when a person has a lot of a particular thing. The opposite of no * for you.
No lack of ugliness for dave!
by emilave January 15, 2003
9 17
(interjection) meaning "false!" or "just kidding!" Also see sie. Antonyms: See forsooth or sooth
Yo' mamma look like dumbo on speed, sike!
by Emilave January 15, 2003
395 534