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1 definition by emgee

A shortened for of the word decent or decently, but not necessarily with the same connotation. Can serve as a adjective (dece hot) or adverb (his shooting was dece), and can describe and/or modify both good and bad things. Often used in conjuction with the words "real" and "prime".
A) #1:What did you think of that concert last night?
#2:It was dece
B) #1:WOW, that girl is smokin'!
#2: Yeah, she's real dece.
C) #1:You guys lost pretty bad in that game last night.
#2:Yeah, we got dece raped.
D) #1:I want to ask her out, her bod is real dece prime.
E) #1:I dece want to go to that party tonight
by emgee September 30, 2006
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