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a coupon or token of appreciation given to someone a female is sexually interested in. made popular in the late 90s by a female comic on BET's Comic View. The coupon usually contains contact information and is only to be used by the issuer. also known as a sex rain check.
he was hot, but his girlfirend was blockin', so i handed him a coochie coupon.
by emew0314 August 02, 2006
An extended bitch fit that you get used to when you have so many bfs it becomes a party. It is often spurred by haters who contact you from your past ,combined with staying up late at night and into the wee hours of the morning counseling your current friends on their relationship issues/status. These fiestas are known to lead to sleep deprevation and extreme abnormal anger. during these fiestas people will cross the street when passing by you outdoors. It is best to remain very far from restaurants, school ,church and other densly populated public places while enduring your fiesta.
"Dawg,loook at ol' girl over there. She look like she ready to murk a cat."

"Man she havin' a bitch fit fiesta "

"Yeah cuzz, let's cross the street."
by emew0314 August 25, 2006
spoken word group that hangs out in the Delmar Loop located in St.Louis, Missouri. They are accompanied by flutes and drums.
those loop groupies do hot poetry.
by emew0314 August 02, 2006
a tight or well fitting garment. preferably very snug as if you stole it from a young child. skeet pants worn by women can cause yeast infections....or extremely uncomfortable camel toe.
WHy is ol' girl wearin that skeet shirt? it looks like she stole it form her lil sister.
by emew0314 August 02, 2006

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