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the answer to every question the priest/pastor/preacher will ask you.

even if you aren't christian, it's still the best answer, especially if the preacher/priest/pastor(whatever you want to call them, really)is starring directly at you, or makes you all stay at the church until someone answers the question, making everyone miss the first hour of football if it's football season.
Pastor:when you have a problem, or something that worries you, what do you do? Adonel, do you have the answer?
Me:just take it to god, dear pastor.
by emery comyn February 06, 2010
Trinity can be a boy's name or a girl's name.

The male definition of trinity is the essence of a pure country boy. Any boy that you meet named trinity will only break your heart after leading you on for months and making you believe that he liked you back all this time. Trinity is fun to be around and even if you are mad at him you will find that somewhere inside of yourself you're laughing at his jopkes even when no one else is.

The female definition of trinity is the essence of insanity. Girls named trinity will at some point in their life need some mental health re-adjustments. trinity will be the one girl who catches your eye and who's name will be in the whispers of others words. you may date her, and find that she is insane.
Male Example:Trinity Richard Douglas Holloway
Female example:Trinity Carroline Icenhour
by emery comyn February 06, 2010
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