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Similar to 'Ghetto Booty' the difference being that the owner of a 'Carnival Booty' can work her ass in all manner of movements. The movements are usually so energetic that they are similar to the celebrations in a Carnival or to the dancers/dancing in a Carnival.

Usually refers to females.
'Bwoi you see dat girl on da stage? She got a Carnival Booty!!'

'I shake my ass like I got a Carnival Booty'
by emelia86 September 02, 2006
The lips of a girl's pussy! Meow!!

The word takes its name from the innuendo between 'Kat' and 'Pussy'.
Also for those who don't mind getting freaky and going downtown, a bit of pussy licking is as tasty as eating a KitKat!!
'Yo my bwoi Rob knows how to nibble dat KitKat Flap'

by emelia86 September 02, 2006
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