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Usually wear neon, skinny jeans, band tees, tees with superhero logo's or cartoon characters, heavy eye make up, converse, vans etc.
Not to be confused with Emo's, Scene Kids are generally happier and wear more colour.

They like to appear unique, quirky and sometimes cute, hence obsessions with Hello Kitty, and wearing bows or buttons in their hair. They can also love dinosaurs and robots, or sometimes just random items that have smiley faces, "cute".

Hair MUST be straight at all times, and is usually dyed black or blonde, sometimes with other unnatural colours in, pink, red or blue streaks are popular. Fringes are popular, sometimes sweeping across one eye.

Aswell as obsessions with things that could be seen as cute, they tend to love bands no one has heard of and usually have an iPod headphone permanantly in their ear.
Not all Scene Kids are the same obviously, but I have to say all of the ones I know are pretty much clones.
They're not bad people, and not all of them are gay/bi like they might seem.
Scene Kids tend to hate Chavs, and spend a lot of time on Myspace, Facebook, taking pictures of themselves, and editing pictures.
by embx September 10, 2009
can be used to answer any question and sometimes is funny, but is waaaay overused.
mostly used if unoriginal people don't know the answer to something, or have been insulted, and want to be funny.
more funny if it makes sense,

Kate: Your a fag.
Joe: Your mom.

Kate: Your a fag.
Joe: So's your mom/ Your mom's a fag.
by embx September 10, 2009

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