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5 definitions by ember69

Another term for "whore" or a "lady of the night."
In Tru Blood, Bill tells Jessica that he doesn't want her out in public looking like a slatter.
by Ember69 August 03, 2010
Unlike a parent, the parnet is one who uses their child (once they become the age to get a job, 16 and older) to pay the bills and take care of them until they die. The child of the parnet usually is trapped at the parents side for fear of being cast out of the family or other things. The term Parnet, Par referring to parent and net referring to a trap. The children are also known to be under complete control of the parnet in the work place, in their own private time and in their social lives.
Timmy will not be able to have a social life this year. Since he is old enough for a job, his parnets want him to have a job and pay the bills.
by Ember69 November 18, 2010
Where an omelet is taken to a circle of men who ejaculate on it. The last person to cum on the omelet has to eat it.
Circle Jerk Omelet, Cum Cake, German Omelet
by ember69 August 02, 2010
Name meaning "noble wolf." Old Germanic name that later formed the names Adolf, Dolf, and Ralph.
Athalwolf walked down the street to the store to buy groceries.
by Ember69 August 02, 2010
Strutting or walking with an attitude. Also used to describe a person who is over confident. Someone who is full of themselves or some one with a strange way of walking. You could call this person the Don Frodi.
Strutting, Swagger, Stank, Froti
by Ember69 August 02, 2010