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To dob the donkey is , dare I say it ? to have sexual intrcourse with a donkey. As disgusting as this may sound, it is common practice in the hills surrounding the Costa Blanca in Spain.
Hey, Miquel ! Where is Noel ?

He'll be along in a minute. He's dobbin the donkey my friend.
by emanuel de muffin November 24, 2006
to act as a Noel is to act as though one knows everything regardless of ones own limited powers of comprehension. Often considered by his or her acquaintances to be arrogant, selfish and egoistic. Usually the said acquaintances are no different and in an attempt to disguise their own social deficiencies refer to this syndrom simply as noel.
Noel has invited us for dinner tonight dear, what shall I wear ?
Preferably a fresh pair of Y fronts and a dickie bow. After we arrive I don't want to hear any Noel or, I swear to God, I'll spill the beans on your plodrodgering !

You can spill the beans on what you like my dearest. Noel has his own experiences when it comes to plodrodgering. You'll simply bore him as you always do.
by emanuel de muffin November 24, 2006

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