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3 definitions by elvisthegoalie

The traditional 16th birthday celebration of a British male, signifying the passage from Lad to Bloke.
During the ceremony, the family will present a monacle, a pub card, and a cricket bat to the guest of honor.

The monacle represents British nobility
The cricket bat symbolizes the UK natives need to follow obscure sports
The pub card is awarded as an afterthought
Damian took part in his britmitzvah years ago and has since lost his monacle.
by elvisthegoalie February 01, 2013
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verb: The act of setting a personal goal after said goal has been acheived.
The technician set a retro-goal for himself after completing the project, ensuring a healthy raise the following year.
by Elvisthegoalie July 10, 2009
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1. To insert one's distended labia into the open mouth of an unsuspecting, usually unconcious, prone person. Also see teabag

2. The act of destroying the trust of many through purposefull fraudulent acts.
1. "Im going to tbelle you for letting us wipe on that pull"

2. "Oh man, I cant believe you did that to me, Ive been totally tbelled."
by Elvisthegoalie March 01, 2007
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