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3 definitions by elvis the dog

Someone who makes the same mistake continuously.
Person 1 - I crashed my car again yesterday.
Person 2 - Again?! You're such a chodberry
by elvis the dog February 19, 2010
A sandwich with a filling the same consistancy of what can be found on toilet roll after cleaning up. Any paste type filling or tikka/coronation chicken filling on white bread can be described as a bum wipe butty.
That looks like a bum wipe butty you're having for lunch
by elvis the dog February 19, 2010
The poor unsuspecting person who takes a bath just after someone has just been for a sulpherous turd in the bathroom. Instead of taking a nice relaxing bath they suffer in an acid bath.
Person 1 - I notice your running a bath. I need to use the loo before you go.
Person 2 - don't turn it into an acid bath!
by elvis the dog February 19, 2010