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2 definitions by elvenprincess_01

Society of Orlando Bloom Stalkers. They CAN be found ALL OVER the Movies + Actors board on ym.com. See my Orli definition. And Weezer613's Orlihobbit definition.
I wish all these SOBS would leave!!
by elvenprincess_01 July 15, 2004
A crazy bitch who idolizes a certain person, usually Orli or Johnny. She hates anti-fangirls who hate her back. It sometimes goes away, but in ym's case, it does not. That is why we have decided to take action.
Orlando: Hi, girls.
Fangirls: OMG! It's HIM!!!!!!! I want to be your wife!!!! Have kids with me, PLEASE!!!!!!!!
by elvenprincess_01 June 21, 2004